Gordon Ramsay, Sir Ian McKellen, Rowan Atkinson and Gillian Anderson are among a roster of top British celebrities who star in the new in-flight safety video for British Airways.

The comedic video features some of Britain’s top celebrities as they audition for a speaking role with “director” Chabuddy G., played by comedian Asim Chaudhry from the BBC sitcom comedy People Just Do Nothing.

Between chef Gordon Ramsay’s bleeped-out F-bomb, McKellen’s theatrically commanding bass voice, and Atkinson’s slapstick comedy with scattered change, viewers learn how to stow their cabin baggage, don their oxygen mask, inflate their life vest and find their brace position in an emergency landing.

The video was created in collaboration with Comic Relief and also features Rob Brydon, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Jim Broadbent, Thandie Newton, Warwick Davis and Jess Glynne.