Travelling broadens the mind; that much we know. But it can also teach us handy new skills that bring some efficiency and expertise into our lives. Pack your bag for your next adventure, and join us as we bring you eight essential life hacks you’ll learn on an exciting Trafalgar trip.

How to pour the perfect pint of Guinness

Essential life hacks RS15837_170845_Trafalgar_0015 CREDIT Trafalgar Travel.As any self-respecting bartender knows, there’s an art to pulling a pint of Guinness. A flawless one needs a creamy white head and jet-black stout underneath. In Dublin, we visit the Guinness Brewery Storehouse, where you’ll get a masterclass in how to pour a perfect pint of Guinness.

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Learn how to haggle in the souks of Marrakech

In Morocco, you’ll polish up your bartering skills and grab yourself a bargain in the souks. We lead you through the colourful markets of Marrakech, where the aromas of spice permeate the air and handcrafted trinkets shine.

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Tap into your spiritual side

Essential life hacks RS5606_Golden-temple-Kyoto CREDIT Trafalgar TravelBe inspired by seeking serenity and stillness at Japan’s most sacred sites. On our Spiritual Japan trip, we travel to the birthplace of Shingon Buddhism, from Osaka to Kyoto via ancient temples, stunning waterfalls and tranquil forests.

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Learn how to fish in Vietnam

Spend time in the beautiful fishing villages around Hanoi and Hoi An and pick up some tips along the way. On our Highlights of Vietnam tour, you’ll have the chance to learn about the lives of local fisherman and cast your own fishing net.

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Discover how to make pasta like a pro in Italy

Essential life hacks RS4116_Florence_DAY1_SELECT__B6C2678_Rome_1-(1)From the precise egg-to-flour balance to time-honoured techniques, there’s only one place in the world where you should learn to cook pasta. Discover how to make it like nonna on a cooking course in Rome, led by a professional chef.

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Discover the secrets of meditation with a Buddhist monk

Welcome some mindfulness into your life by getting a masterclass in meditation from a truly authentic tutor; a Buddhist monk. Journey with us to a forester hermitage near Sri Lanka’s ancient rock fortress, Sigiriya, and meet with them to pick up some meditation tips.

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How to appreciate the nuances of whisky

Essential life hacks RS15819_170819_Trafalgar_3649 CREDIT Trafalgar TravelOh, go on, just a wee dram! Who doesn’t love a cheeky nip of whisky, but have you ever really trained your palette to its many fine subtleties? Join us in the Scottish Highlands to visit Glengoyne distillery and learn how to sample the single malt spirit properly.

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How to grow your own organic produce

Essential life hacks RS12336_Selects_Oo_FARM-2965CREDIT Trafalgar TravelGain some knowledge of the agricultural kind in Hawaii. On our Best of Hawaii Premier trip, we visit a farm on Maui to learn about sustainable harvesting and growing organic produce. Best of all, you’ll even get to taste farm-to-fork dining and gather produce for a delicious al fresco lunch.

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