Craving an escape to nature? Cherating Beach ticks all the boxes with warm water, tropical rainforests and wildlife at every turn. Straddling Malaysia’s east coast, Cherating Beach’s lush jungles and secluded beaches make it the ideal holiday for couples and families.


So if you’re planning a holiday to Cherating Beach, here’s everything you need to get your Malaysian jungle experience underway…


Best time to visit Malaysia

Cherating Beach is hot, humid and sunny for the majority of the year, with temperatures ranging between 22 and a balmy 32 degrees. Monsoon season is between November and February, but Malaysia’s east coast is generally drier than the rest of the peninsula.

How to get there


A short 30 minute direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan on Malaysia Airlines. From there, it’s an easy 45-minute drive to Cherating Beach.

If you’re the road-tripping type, Cherating Beach is less than three hours by road from Kuala Lumpur.

Your guide on what to see and do in Cherating Beach

The Malaysian jungle is filled with endless adventures, and Cherating Beach is no exception! Explore this incredible part of the world in an almost endless number of ways…

Get back to nature

☼ Visit the Turtle Sanctuary and release turtle hatchlings into the sea


☼ Go on a magical firefly excursion on the Cherating River, and learn how and why these mysterious glowing beetles communicate using light

☼ Discover the Cherating Mangroves with an hour boat ride through this natural haven

☼ Pick a sunbed and relax on one of the many private beaches! Three are located just outside Club Med Cherating Beach, and stretch over four kilometers


☼ Get your hiking boots for a jungle adventure trek


Get your blood pumping

☼ Get some height and climb the treetop adventure circuit in the jungle


☼ Soar with the monkeys on the flying trapeze in the heart of the forest

☼ Grab a kayak or boat and venture out onto the clear waters of Cherating Beach


Learn from the locals

☼ Visit Kuantan, the east coast’s largest city, located 30km south of Cherating Beach

☼ Take a trip to the nearby traditional villages to experience the culture and meet the locals


A few more helpful tips before you go to Cherating Beach

✔️ The monkeys are adorable, but don’t get too comfortable! You’ll find monkeys at every corner of the jungle, and they’re a sneaky bunch. Leave your luggage unattended or your food lying out, and you can be assured before long you’ll have a group of monkey friends.


✔️ The turtle sanctuary is closed on Mondays so plan ahead. The sanctuary is just 5 minutes from Cherating Beach, so it’s easy to get there – if you’re keen to release some hatchlings it’s always best to call ahead to ensure you get a spot.

✔️ Bring plenty of sunscreen and mosquito repellent. With such tropical temperatures, the sun can be a scorcher!


See you on the beach! ☀🌴


Discover more about Club Med Cherating Beach in the video below, or by clicking here.



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