Going to China? Here’s what you need to know.

If you are not an APEC card holder, you will need a visa.

You can either go to the Chinese Visa Application Center to apply in person yourself or get a travel agent (like Holiday Tours) to submit on behalf at a nonimal fee, on top of the visa application fees.

For a tourist visa, you will need:
a) completed visa form
b) 2 copies of recent passport photographs on WHITE BACKGROUND. However, a note of reminder that the color of clothing must not be white. Failure to comply is an automatic rejection.
c) original passport
d) photocopy of passport
e) flight
f) hotel

For below 18 years old, photocopy of Malaysian identification card and both parents’ passport is required

For a business visa, on top of the above, you must also submit:
g) an invitation letter from China with stamp
h) local company letter with stamp
A business visa is particularly needed, advisable and recommended if you are carrying items (eg brochures, flyers, sales kits, demo items etc) that a normal tourist would not carry. 


Contact Holiday Tours for application procedures and how to go about apply for a China visa. With proper documentation and proper application, chances of being rejected is actually quite low.