Malaysia Airlines to debut A350 on London route January 2018

Say goodbye to Malaysia Airlines A380!

The iconic double decker super jumbo will exit Malaysia Airlines fleet by March 2018.

Malaysia Airlines will debut the A350 on its Kuala Lumpur London route starting January 2018.

The first flight will take off from Kuala Lumpur on MH4 (ETD 0900hr) on 15 January 2018 while the return flight MH1 (ETD 2125hr) will take off from London the same night.

Two aircrafts are required to operate a single daily return flight between Kuala Lumpur-London.

The next pair of A350 aircrafts are expected in March by which then all flights (MH2 and MH3 as well) between the two capital cities will be operated fully on A350.

The existing 6 Airbus A380 will be converted into an all-economy class for Haj and Umrah pilgrimage flights under a new subsidiary. In the meantime, the double decker is being deployed temporary on routes like Seoul and Tokyo for a limited time.

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