Malaysia to impose daily hotel tax on every room

[Updated 30 August 2017]

Finally.. the government has updated and gazetted the Tourism Tax (TTx) to be implemented and effective 1 September 2017.

The rate is RM10 per room per night and applies for all foreigners staying in Malaysia.

If the foreign visitor shares a room with a Malaysian, the tax MUST BE PAID as well as long as there is a non-Malaysian staying. The only exemption is that the room is solely and fully occupied by Malaysian(s).



[Updated 26 July 2017]

In another flip-flop announcement, it is reported that Malaysians are exempted from the tourism tax while foreigners are taxed at RM10 per room per night for any kind of accommodations. It is not immediatly known if home-sharing businesses like AirBnB are also included.

Also, the implementation date has not been decided and it will be up to the Prime Minister to decide.

Previous announcements include exempting Malaysians from only three-star hotels and below.



The Malaysian Government will implement a new hotel levy on every room night.

The new tax is on per room per night basis, effective 1 July 2017.

The rates are:
– RM20 per room per night on 5-star accommodations
– RM10 per room per night on 4-star accommodations
– RM5 per room per night on 1- to 3-star accommodations
– RM2.50 per room per night on unrated accommodations including budget hotels


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