Gold Coast is known as the theme park capital of Australia. It certainly lived up to its name as there’s the triple theme park of Movie World, Dream World and Sea World. Experience first-class rides, action-packed shows, and join a world of fun on Australia’s Gold Coast at Warner Bros. Movie World.

Get lost in a world where movies come to life and everyone’s a star. Meet your favourite stars and super heroes, experience the adrenaline pumping thrill rides and watch an array of spectacular shows. Affectionately known as “Hollywood on the Gold Coast” Movie World is a family friendly theme park where famous characters wander the streets and action packed movie scenes come to life.

Experience the all new DC Rivals HyperCoaster, the tallest, longest and fastest HyperCoaster in the Southern Hemisphere! The DC Rivals HyperCoaster rivals all other coasters at 61.6 meters high, with the first non-inverting loop in the Southern Hemisphere reaching 40 meters high and speeds of 115km per hour.



The first ride that you see on the left hand side of the entrance (apart from the super obvious HyperCoaster) is the Green Lantern Coaster. It is a family-friendly coaster and it’s not really that scary, so to speak. You can leave your belongings on the side.

Green Lantern Coaster


Green Lantern Coaster


Fresh from Green Lantern Coaster, it’s time to go next to the Superman Escape. Bear in mind that you are not allowed to bring any loose items on to this ride, and there is a locker by the entrance to store your belongings. You can change for coins in the gift shop next door, or have someone watch over your belongings while you go on this ride.

Superman Escape


Superman Escape


Superman Escape


Next, don’t miss out the Arkham Asylum Coaster, located further to the left of Superman Escape. Our pick is to go for the normal ride first, and wait for the front row if you’re game for it, as this ride is a suspended with nothing underneath your feet. Advised to remove your shoes.

Arkham Asylum Coaster   


Once you’re done, go for another round – this time renting the VR sets from the counter just before the entrance. It only costs AUD5. Normally those who rent the VR headsets are seated on the last row, not that it makes any difference because you’ll be wearing the VR headsets anyway.

Trust us, it’s worth it, and a good entertainment to experience a VR on a rollercoaster.

Go for the VR experience on the Arkham Asylum Coaster by topping up additional AUD5


All those playing and screaming will surely make you feel thirsty, why not purchase a refillable tumbler for ADU14 that you can share among your friends and family? Refills are FREE.


Ready for more screams? Go on the Batwing Spaceshot. The sequence are random and you will not know if you’ll be shooting up at breaking speeds or dropping down zero-gravity. Either way, you’re bound to scream. We promise you.

Batwing Spaceshot


Moving on to the rear of the themepark, it’s the indoor spooky Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster.  This roller coaster ride is on those small little mouse cars (well, that’s what it’s called) in completely indoor and dark, so if you’re sensitive to strobe lights and afraid of sudden motions, you might want to give this a miss.


After spending half the day screaming and laughing, have some food and take an easy stroll through the main boulevard, stop by the many gifts shops and pick up some souvenirs for the kids back home. As they are all cartoon characters of Warner Bros, the kids can surely relate. After all, who doesn’t know who’s Superman, Batman, Looney Tunes and others, right?

Main Street


If your timing is perfect (ok that’s 3.30pm), there’s a parade through the Main Street, and you might just be able to get a few meet-and-greet with your superheroes, If they are not waiting for you, you can also catch them moving around the themepark, and they’ll be oh-so-obliging to stop for a quick photo for you!

Our writer is gleaming from ear to ear having been able to have a photo opportunity with his favourite character – the mean and all mighty Batman!


If you have young children, there’s also one part of the themepark on the right hand side specially for the young guests, called Kids WB!.. here, the rides are pretty family-friendly and mild and can be enjoyed by young children.


Guys (and girls, young and not-so-young), this is definitely something that will get you going crazy – the Hollywood Stunt Driver 2. Even if cars and drifting is not your thing, you’ll be thoroughly entertained with all the drifts, smoke, fire and explosions. Real time real life, right in front of you!

If you have the VIP access, it make the experience all the more real. This VIP experience is for the lovers of torque, speed and behind the scenes action. From priority seating at the Hollywood Stunt Driver 2 show to behind the scenes access and even a ride in one of the high speed cars, this experience literally puts you in the middle of the action!


If you have the stomach to go a-looping in Doomsday Destroyer, then this is for you. For n-turns, you’ll spin in circles until the thing stops spinning.. please do not eat before going on this ride, we’re not kidding!

Doomsday Destroyer


Doomsday Destroyer


Apparently our writer just couldn’t get enough of Batman! Batmobile caught his attention as it rolls through the Main Street, you just have to be there to catch it. This is one beast that you definitely do not want to miss, especially if you’re a Batman fan.


Of course, there are many other rides, so you may want to properly plan your day, pick and choose those rides that you would love to go on and experience. The queues are short and quick, and you’ll have plenty of time to go for seconds or thirds. All in all, we would describe it as, just nice for a day’s outing to complete all the rides and still have time to enjoy the parades, characters meet-and-greet, have something to eat and drink and toilet breaks.

Lastly to end the day, on obligatory shot of the themepark entrance. You get to have the entire entrance without other people in the evening as the crowd thins away (compared to the crowded mad rush bottleneck at opening time). Plus, the evening sun is perfectly shielded away, so it makes a good shot.


Don’t take our word for it. Bring your kids (and the kid in you) and have a fun filled day here at Warner Bros Movie World.

How to get there:
1. You can drive to the theme park (there’s ample of parking, and it’s FREE); or
2. You can also take the bus right from the heart of Gold Coast (catch a tram, bus or train to Helensvale station and transfer to bus route TX7) or Brisbane (catch the train to Coomera station and transfer to bus route TX7).

Operation hours:
Opens daily except for Anzac Day (25 April) and Christmas Day (Dec 25) from 9.30am-5pm and rides operates from 10am-5pm.

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