Pleasure Trip of South Korea

South Korea is a well known destination for all everyone especially for travelers around 18 – 35 years old. There are many amazing and interesting places in South Korea such as Nami island, Seoul and Busan. The cost of travelling to South Korea is reasonable and those who have not been there can consider visiting the destination in the future!

Nami Island 

Nami Island is an small island in a part of South Korea. Travelers who in Seoul can take a ride with KTX (Train) to Gapyeong Station. From Gapyeong to Nami Island, a return ferry transfer costs 8,000won per person. There are a lot of interesting things to do in Nami Island. First, you can rent a bicycle which is around 10,000won for 2 hours. You can ride the bicycle surrounding Nami Island’s area safely.  TIP: Do remember when you rent bicycle and ride, make sure you ride till the end point of Nami Island. There are lots of beautiful landscapes and sceneries for everyone to take pictures. I can guarantee these places will influence more tourist go to the area and it’s a unforgettable experience for everyone!

Second, there is also a train ride. Families who travel for pleasure can bring their children to ride around the Nami Island. While on the train, it passes by a small ostrich farm which you can feed the ostrich. Furthermore, Nami Island is a place where the travelers can learn about the South Korea’s cultures and traditions. Besides that, there is a row of trees which can be considered one of the famous attractions in Nami Island and attracts lots of tourists to go there just to snap photos and for remembrance! Although the food in Nami Island is quite expensive, they are super delicious especially the kim-chi soup! Normally travelers will go for a day trip to Nami Island and spend around 5-6 hours only.



Myeongdong and Hongdae is considered the famous destinations in Seoul Korea. Both places have similar characteristics. Many young adults love to go there for the cheap make-up and skin care merchandises from well-known brand such as Innisfree, Skin Food, Natural Republic and so on. Normally travelers will buy boxes of masks because it costs around 400-950won only per mask. Besides, there are also a lot of roadside performances and busking shows such as dancing, singing and playing musical instruments. Normally the Koreans will sit around to watch and enjoy the performance.s Furthermore, there is a famous club in Hongdae which is called “M2”. Travelers who love to party and chill may wish to visit the club because the Korean clubbing scene is quite fun and different from others! Myeongdong and Hongdae sell a lot of nice Korean-styled shirts too, they costs around 5000 – 1000won a piece. Lastly, there are lots of trucks selling a wide variety of delicious food. TIP: Remember to try the sausage wrapped with potato and topped with sauces with your own choice because it is delicious and hardly can be found elsewhere.


Line Friend Store

Myeong-dong also have a Line-Friend Store. It’s one of the cutest emojis on mobile devices and the 1st Line-Friend store in the world. Most of the Line Friend lovers will go there to purchase all the Line-Friends merchandises such as cups, dolls,  handbags, pillows and so on. The capacity of the shore is limited. To prevent overcrowding in the store, visitors are required to wait in line and take their turn to enter the shop.


During the winter season, travelers can go to Namyangju-si for skiing. Many people love to go there for skiing because the mountains and landscapes are super nice and breathtaking! The skiing season is from November until February. The temperature during winter is around 11°c till -6°c. For travelers who is interested with this adventure activities, they can book a package from any travel agent or tour Operator which is costs around MYR300 – MYR400 inclusive of transportation to Namyangju-si, a briefing before the ski session as well as and ski equipment rental.


Gyeongbukgung was the royal palace of the Joseon Dynasty. Here, the traditional Korean costume, the Hanbok, can be rented for around 15,000won for 2 and a half hour. While donning the Hanbok, you can enter into the palace grounds free of charge. Travelers not wearing Hanbok and wish to enter the palace, it costs 5,000won for the entrance fees. Inside the palace, you can learn about the lifestyle of the Empire. Travelers are free to explore and can go anywhere within the palace grounds to take pictures.



Busan is a unique but traditional place. It feels more like a village. The costs of transportation, accommodation and food & beverages are slightly cheaper than Seoul. You may visit the Gamcheon Culture Village in Busan. It is a beautiful and wonderful place especially for art lovers because the place is full of art! Wow, so many colors! It is located at the top of a hill. It is better to get a bus to reach the destination. Here, you can find a lot photo opportunities spots spread across a big area, just take a few minutes to walk around the village. You might just be able to even find a nice photo spot in a quiet corner area. This village is really unique, you can see lots of colorful building when you reach the top of the hill


While in Busan, you may want to visit the Haeundae Beach. It is often considered one of Korea’s most famous and beautiful beaches. On Haeundae beach, it has a lot of entertainment such as singing, magic shows and dancing performances too. There are also nightly entertainment on Haeundae beach. Many couples love to go there because it feels really good and comfortable just soaking in the atmosphere and enjoying the entertainment to the sound of the waves gushing to shore. Nearby Haeundae beach, travelers can visit the SEA Life Busan Aquarium or the Haeundae Market on the weekends.


Gwangan bridge ( Gwangandaegyo )

Tourists and residents usually like to go there during the night. It is lit up with thousands of LED lights and the bridge provides a beautiful lighting exhibition at night which change with the seasons. The bridge offers a majestic view when combined with nearby attractions during the day and a romantic atmosphere at night, hence attracting many residents and tourists alike. Along the streets to this destination, stalls selling a wide variety of delicious and nice Korean food at a cheap price, especially Korean BBQ. A definite must-try!


These are the main places of attractions in South Korea.

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