Like it or lump it, technology is a huge part of the modern holiday. From making bookings on our phones to reading eBooks by the pool, technology can actually make our holidays more fulfilling.

Here is just some of the holiday tech that we couldn’t possibly live without.

Mobile phone


For all the pledges to spend less time glued to our mobile phones, they can come into their own on holiday. Take your phone away with you and you have a pocket-sized camera, guidebook and music player in one. Plus, you can video chat with people at home to make them green with envy, as you trek through the rainforest or recline on a pristine beach.

Portable speakers


Whether you want a soundtrack playing while you get ready for an evening of local cuisine, or fancy a musical accompaniment as you picnic on the beach, portable speakers are a holiday favourite. Your music will sound crisper, and if it won’t disturb those around you, can be shared with your loved ones.



If you’re holidaying alone, want to watch a film on the plane or simply don’t want to disturb other tourists’ peace and quiet, headphones top many a holiday tech list. If you aren’t a big reader, you could even pop them in as you fly or lounge by the pool while you listen to a best-selling audiobook.



Tablets are a versatile piece of holiday tech. Light and thin enough to slot into hand luggage, they’re a great way to stay occupied on both long and short-haul flights. Download the television programmes you need to catch up on, play some games or even read a book or a magazine.



If you’d rather stay as disconnected as possible when adventuring abroad, but don’t want to clog up your suitcase with books, an eReader is the perfect solution. We love these gadgets for their simplicity: download as money books as you like for your trip, and read them on a glare-free screen that won’t strain your eyes in the glorious sunshine.



Whether you’re devoted to digital, fanatic about film or permanently attached to your phone camera, having a gadget on hand to capture your holiday memories is a must when travelling. There are hundreds, if not thousands of cameras on the market that suit a range of skill levels. Whether you want to remember the best bits of your trip or you’re more serious about photography, there’s a camera out there for you.



Imagine if your phone died during the night and you missed an excursion because your alarm didn’t go off, or if you were in perfect position to snap a picture of a beautiful snowy vista, only for your battery to go flat. Chargers are an essential piece of holiday tech – you can even buy varieties that don’t even need a plug socket! And don’t forgot the corresponding plug adaptor for your destination of choice.



Wi-Fi has become a holiday must-have. The majority of hotels now offer a free Wi-Fi service to guests eager to update their social media accounts, stay in touch with loved ones and plan their itineraries. In fact, hotel Wi-Fi is very handy for our next essential piece of holiday gadgetry…



Want to find the best local restaurant? There’s an app for that. Want to track down an unspoilt beach? There’s an app for that. In fact, there’s an app for just about anything, and they can really help to make your holiday a lot more streamlined.

Fitness tracker


If you like to keep fit while you’re away, a fitness tracker is the holiday gadget for you. Whether you’re planning on hiking into the mountains, pounding the pavements leading to the best sights or running along the beach, with these nifty pieces of technology, you can keep an eye on your progress.

Are there any pieces of holiday tech that you couldn’t live without? Have we missed something off our list? Let us know!