Toilets in Japan are famously hygienic and technologically advanced.

Now, Narita Airport in Tokyo has installed mini toilet paper rolls in the toilets of its arrival hall for visitors’ smartphones. Information about WiFi services and travel tips are also printed on the paper, which is mounted beside the regular toilet paper. The toilet paper for smartphones, installed by cellular phone operating giant NTT Docomo, can be found in 86 stalls at seven bathrooms in the airport.

They are set to remain until March 15 next year. Docomo hopes to solve two problems travellers may face. The first is that smartphones have been found to be riddled with germs, and can be dirtier than toilet seats.

The company has also provided information about connecting to Docomo WiFi as tourists in Japan have had trouble accessing it, according to a survey by the Japan Tourism Agency. The telco has even produced a video showing visitors how to use the toilet and the new mobile phone toilet paper.


Source: The Straits Times/Asia News Network