Volcanic Activity at Catania, Italy

Ongoing volcanic activity at Mount Etna will continue to prompt sporadic flight disruptions at regional airports and potentially hazardous driving conditions in southern Italy. The volcano began erupting on 03 December 2015 and initially formed a large ash cloud at an altitude of 6-8 km above the summit of the volcano; however, subsequent eruptive episodes have produced a cloud approaching 1 km in height. Civil aviation authorities will continue to tightly monitor the situation, and may implement additional emergency airspace flight restrictions. While any flight restrictions would most likely affect Catania-Fontanarossa (CTA) airport, Reggio Calabria (REG) and Comiso Vincenzo Magliocco (CIY) airports may also be subject to delays, cancellations or reroutes. Flight operations at most major Italian international airports are unlikely to be affected.

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