Italy Aviation Strikes

Aviation sector workers plan to stage nationwide strikes on 10 December 2015 over pay and working conditions. Unless averted, the walkouts could cause widespread disruptions to flight operations and ground-handling services for passengers and cargo throughout the country. The work stoppage may also cause ancillary delays on airline networks across Europe, particularly those of flagship carrier Alitalia, resulting from aircraft being delayed at their points of origin. Domestic and short-haul flights are the most likely to be affected. The following stoppages are scheduled:


1200-1600: Meridiana airline and airport personnel
1300-1700: Ethiopian Airlines airlines and airport personnel


1000-1800: Milan’s Linate and Malpensa ground handling and airport workers
1000-1400: Genoa Cristoforo Colombo airport workers
1300-1700: Rome Fiumicino airport support workers
The extent of worker participation for individual strikes remains unclear. Levels of disruption may vary by airport, depending on how effectively employers are able to mitigate staff shortages. Airlines often pre-emptively cancel flights to minimize unforeseen disruptions. Lingering disruptions are possible after strikes end as airlines reposition aircraft and process passenger and cargo backlogs. Although the strikes could result in widespread air transport disruptions, they will probably not be crippling, as Italian law requires a minimum level of service during labor actions.

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