What to eat in Japan

Warning ! This may ruin your diet as it did mine. It’s food !!

When asked about the food provided in Japan, almost 90% of people would think the same thing. Either its ramen, sushi, or raw fish. However I’m here to explain that there are much more when it comes to food in Japan apart from sushi and ramen.

There are so much more delicious food in Japan than you think you may know. For example, Japanese street food; most affordable and very common in Japan.

I present you the Yaki Imo, Japanese roasted sweet potatoes. The special method of making this particular dish is that they are roasted using the traditional way, using firewood. Mostly eaten in winter as it warms you up. The sweetness of this roasted potato is just so incredibly good off without any sweetening. It may be hard to find this, as they are usually found in trucks that drive around with a loudspeaker repeating the words Yaki Imo ! Yaki Imo ! What makes it hard to find is that people sometimes do complain of the noise, and the method of providing this dish is fading away into the past.

Okay, lets get to the extremely rare one which unless you read it somewhere else or have been to Japan before, you may not even know of this. The Onsen Tomago. Now we all may know that onsen is a hot spring where you head over to for a day of spa or something similar to that. Which makes sense once you know what it is. Onsen Tomago are eggs that are cooked using the hot springs-like temperature. The slow process of cooking it , makes the texture of this dish somewhat like custard. Absolutely delicious and tempting when you see it. Once it is in your mouth, the feeling of some of the outer layer dissolving away giving you the extra flavors. This dish is also dipped in soy sauce or dashi.

We all should be familiar with miso soup when it comes to Japanese cuisine. However have you ever heard of corn grilled with miso, butter and soy sauce, also known as Tomorokoshi? If you enjoy miso soup, then this bad boy is a must if you ever travel to Japan. The sweetness of the corn is just so tempting. Especially when you bite into it, it bursts the flavors of miso ! mua ! Easily being one of the best foods in Japan.

Now when it comes to noodles, we think of ramen, however there is another common food in Japan known as Yakisoba, common local food yet inexpensive to try. Wheat noodles with pork in a thick sweet sauce. If you are craving for noodles but done with ramen. Try yakisoba, you wont regret it. Usually found at food stalls around.

Now lets get to some of the deserts. Where’s the fun in eating without deserts? Well introducing the one and only, imagawayaki, kind of like a thick pancake with fillings of custard and red bean paste. You can also order it with fillings of curry, cheese, meat and potatoes as well. Now, when you bite into a custard filled one, the custard come bursting out which is a great eating experience as it comes bursting with sweetness. Which also reminds me, take note when eating it as it is really hot and may burn yourself when eating. But waiting for it to cool down before eating will prevent the outburst of the flavors. So it really is your choice to make. In my opinion both ways are great! Oishi!

There are plenty more food out there in Japan but these are the ones I found most exciting and delicious.  When traveling abroad, activities sure are an important factor but food, well, you may not get them from your own country.


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