Why you should never post your boarding pass online

No matter how tempted you may feel to show off your boarding pass on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform, please don’t!

Your friends and family may be jealous of your upcoming trip, but there is more. You are exposing your personal information to everyone including creepy people out there.

Here are some good reasons to forego the social media self-indulgence:

1. You are giving away your full name, airline you are flying as well as your booking reference, everything that a person needs to log into your flight reservation online.

2. You are giving away your exact locations. Also, when a person accesses your flight details as detailed in point number one, they will also be able to view ALL your future flight plans with that specific airline and able make amendments too.

3. Logging into your online booking not only reveals flight details for all flights with the airline, in some cases it also shows your ID number, passport number, email address, telephone number and, in some cases, your credit card details.

Lastly, do not dispose of your used boarding pass in any random location as the encrypted information will still be available on it. Rather black out the areas containing your personal details and the bar-code before disposing it.

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